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Mauro Fuerte



Mauro Fuerte (Maurice Fermont) was born in 1990. Since a young age he has been very interested in music and performing. At the age of 6 years old he was already on stage entertaining people during local events.
A rhythm feeling came naturally for him: He has played drums and percussion since his eighth birthday. But in the end the drumsticks were replaced by CD players when he was twelve.

After playing in small venues Mauro Fuerte took a whole new direction. He discovered the world of nightclubs, festivals and events. It didn’t take long until he got his first residency in nightclub The Energy (Most populair disco of the South of Netherlands, Nightlife Awards 2007). Currently, he is one of the resident DJ’s of disco Palladio (Helden) (Most popular mega club of the South of Netherlands, Nightlife Awards 2010) as well. Mauro Fuerte also has his own club nights at Café Le Journal (Roermond) and does several other freelance bookings.

His high rotational speed and a huge number of hits per hour results in an audience who finds it impossible not to dance to his music!

Mauro Fuerte, a versatile DJ with a lot of experience in the Netherlands but in the rest of Europe as well!